And then there are iPads…

apple logoThe previous “specs” posts were about Android hardware. If it is so much work to figure out the quality of the hardware in the heterogeneous mixture the Android pool has become, why not just settle for one of Apple’s iPads and not worry about it.

Yes I know about the mantra that Apple can do no wrong/right! Just choose a side huh?

As a person who has had both Macs and Wintels in the house for over two decades, I can only say that I like a computing device that does what I want it to, no matter what the logo on the outside says. I won’t go into all the many computers I have, but stick with the tablets. I currently own/have the use of several  iPads and Android tabs and have formed my opinions on the basis of personal experience and reading.

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What the heck is in the specs? 2

generic tablet with question markOK, Following on from the previous post, here is another set of specs. Once again, these specs are  a technical description of an Android tablet. This tablet was available as of July, 2013 and while the description is better organised than Example 1, the tablet itself is pretty low end. Because the list is long, I have split it into 2 images. Pay attention as there may be a pop quiz at the end! Continue reading

What the heck is in the specs? 1

How to interpret tablet specification info
generic tablet with question mark

This next post is as promised about what the specifications section of a tablet sales page are all about. Please note that not all spec sheets are created equal and you may need to go above and beyond the seller’s description of the device. So unfortunately, we need to work through several of these examples, so it will take multiple posts to deal with this topic.

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What to look for in a tablet for your kids

My list of considerations when purchasing a tablet for kid(s)

The following list is my summary of the factors that need to be understood when tablet shopping especially for  kids’ tablets.


Home user tablets range in cost (as at July 2013) from about $50 to $1500, depending on brand and specifications.

Operating Systems for consumer tablets

Main alternatives are Apple and Android.

apple logo Apple iPad tablets are only made by the one company and they run a proprietary operating system called iOS. Software for these devices can only be downloaded from the iTunes App store which offers applications, games, music and videos. The official web browser is Safari and all devices come with a standard set of apps.

android logo Android tablet computers are made by a large number of manufacturers. These devices all run some version of the Android operating system. Google develops and licences this system software. There is an official Google Play App Store for downloading applications, games, music and videos. The official web browser is Chrome and all devices come with a set of apps that will vary from one manufacturer to another.

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Why tablets are IT drivers and what this has to do with education

The International Data Centre announced recently that worldwide tablet shipments have grown by  142% /year as measured over the first quarter of 2013.1

According to Kishore Swaminathan, Chief Scientist at Accenture2

In my view, the media tablet will act as a catalyst for ushering a new, technologically driven educational order that over time will dwarf e-commerce in its economic impact and will be comparable to that of Gutenberg’s printing press in its long-term social impact.1

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