This page contains a piece I wrote for RichSkills for a now retired product called PowerKeeper2.


Experiencing the PK2 advantage

Hi. My name is Pam Atkins and I am writing this account of my PK 2 experience from my office located in Ballarat, Australia.

My job

I work as a college instructor and also as a consultant in online training and application usage. My duties range from research to advising to documenting to putting together software solution packages. My company, Dependable Digital Design, is very small, just myself and one other person on a casual basis.

How I use PK 2 to manage my workflow

 Contacts module

First up, when starting a new project, I add my client to my contacts.

 Timesheet module

Next I add a new project to the  timesheet module and add in my new client.

Then I start putting in appointments as they come plus recording  time worked.

I add alarms for project deadlines and meetings.

 Notebook module

Then, I set up a new notebook for each client and a separate category for each project for that client.

I use worksheet documents to record expenses and calculate costs to produce costing for clients

I use the image document feature to store/manage  images related to a project

I use notebook documents to

  • store urls with comments
  • jot down ideas with links to downloaded applications and pre-existing documents.
  • create documentation
  • generate quotes, agreements to be emailed to clients

 Browser module

I use the buit-in browser to carry out any research needed – eg product comparisons, application/script availabilities, fact finding. If necessary, I save webpages to the client’s notebook. I also save images to an image document if needed.

 Email module

I pull the client’s email address from the contacts module and email clients to set up appointments, report on progress, get feedback etc. which I then incorporate into the timesheet module. I save important emails to my client’s notebook so that I have all important information in the one place.


Because I have all the information in one place, I waste less time opening and closing applications and copying information from one place to another. Moreover, I find I am less likely to forget to record something important and also I can search through my information efficiently. I can back up everything in one go to guard against the disaster of data loss.

Using Power Keeper 2 has really improved my workflow practices – no more scraps of paper, scattered electronic documents, misplaced emails, missed appointments, tasks left uncompleted. And I can see trends in my data – ways of reusing imformation and reshaping it. Power Keeper is a fantastic assest to boost my productivity.