Fly agaric

fly agaric

 Scientific name:  Amanita muscaria

Common names: Fly agaric, fairy toadstool

Hazard associated: Contains toxins which can cause delirium, seizures and possibly coma states.

Notes: Fly agaric - white variety

  • Poisonings from eating fly agaric have occurred in children and in adults seeking “altered states”.
  • In the early stages of development of A. muscaria before the cap opens up, it might be mistaken for some of the edible puffballs.
  • Variations from the classic red with white spots look have led to A. muscaria being mistaken for other species which has led to mishaps.
  • This fungus has been associated with shamanism for centuries.
  • The lethal dosage is thought to be  about 15 caps for an adult, less for a child.

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