Gympie Gympie

Gympie gympie

Common name: Gympie gympie, stinging bush
Scientific name: Dendrocnide moroides
Hazard associated: The plants are covered in hairs which inject a potent neurotoxin.

Notes:gympie gympie fruit

  • Gympie Gympie is a rainforest tree found in Northern Australia (primarily Queensland) and Indonesia.
  • The plant sheds hairs so you do not need to touch it to be affected; just being in its vicinity has resulted in itching and nose bleeds.
  • The fruit is reputed to be edible but all hairs need to be removed first.
  • Contact with the plant hairs results in severe itching which may persist for months. The injured area becomes covered with small, red spots which can join together to form a red, swollen mass.
  • Repeated exposure increases the severity of the allergenic effect.

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