A few valuable reads about choosing an Android tablet

The accessories project is not finished yet, but I wanted to weigh in on the choice of tablet discussion with some articles I think are valuable.

In general, I don’t like to just use other people’s blogs to pad out my content. I do read blogs however to be better informed.
A few articles I have read recently are just too appropriate to pass over.

The Problem with Android is Choice

Article under discussionThis is very relevant to those trying to choose whether to go with iPads or Androids.
Some people like the walled garden approach that Apple provides. Other people are tinkerers. In terms of buying for childrens’ use, I like the way Android allows you to set up a garden of your choice for your kids, but still allows adults to customise to their heart’s content. Viva diversity! [icon name=”icon-smile”]

Tablets Compared: Why You Shouldn’t Spend Money on Cheap Chinese Android Imports

Article under discussionIf you have decided to go down the Android path, you are then faced with the choice of shelling out big bucks for a big brand name. Sometimes the availablility of money makes that choice for you, but if you can go for a ASUS, Samsung or other top names, do it. This article re-enforces my personal experience of two crappy no-name tablets and one beautiful Galaxy Note 8.0″ Of course not all of the cheaper tablets are bad, and some of them have the advantage of being rooted at the factory, so when you get them you can do anything you like with them. But there are many factors to consider, and this article presents a valuable argument.