… and Samsung tablets

android logoIn my last post, I raved about how tightly Apple lock up their ecosystem.

I now have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to compare my iPads with.

I will make this short and sweet as I have not have a chance to fully try out all the bells and whistles. The hardware is great. It is a  beautiful toy but

My version is running Android 4.1.2. It comes  without root access and I would have to root it if I want to get rid of the BAGS of TRASH that Samsung ship with it. I cannot believe how much Samsung have taken it upon themselves to assume that they know how you would like to use the product.

Kwez portrait - not impressedCool that they give you “free” software; definitely not cool that you would have to completely root the tablet to get rid of the stuff you will never use. Rooting it may or not be legal. I don’t know. But I do know that rooting can lead to bricking and that you do not want.

Kwez is not impressed.