And then there are iPads…

apple logoThe previous “specs” posts were about Android hardware. If it is so much work to figure out the quality of the hardware in the heterogeneous mixture the Android pool has become, why not just settle for one of Apple’s iPads and not worry about it.

Yes I know about the mantra that Apple can do no wrong/right! Just choose a side huh?

As a person who has had both Macs and Wintels in the house for over two decades, I can only say that I like a computing device that does what I want it to, no matter what the logo on the outside says. I won’t go into all the many computers I have, but stick with the tablets. I currently own/have the use of several  iPads and Android tabs and have formed my opinions on the basis of personal experience and reading.

The iPads include two iPad 2 devices and a mini. iPads are great. The have consistently high specs (Strict controls in the factory – too strict according to some reports of high pressure to meet targets). I haven’t personally experienced Retina screens yet but I am sure they are peachy keen. You can look at the features and specs on Apple’s site itself to see what a class act it is. But I remain devoted to the Android phenomenon for several reason.

iPads pricing

This is a valid argument. Not everyone can afford an iPad. I am sure that there must a middle ground which could create a tablet which is stable and reliable even if not screamingly fast or having a screen resolution that “overdelivers”. Tablets need to be ubiquitous – hence available to those financially disadvantaged. With billions of bodies in the world, we need to be as light on resources as possible while still producing a working device. I am sure that there is sufficient innovative talent out there to do so (though I am never sure about political will)

iPad customisation restrictions

If the manufacturer of a tablet loads up the software in such a way as to lock the user into using certain apps, then you have to do some reasonably sophisticated tweaking to change this. It is called jailbreaking in iPad speak and rooting (giving root access) in the Android universe. iOS, the iPad operating system locks down the device hard so only Apple approved apps can be loaded on the iPad.

I have many problems with this but the one most pertinent to this discussion is that iPads are designed to have a single user profile. That means you can find an app to lock the iPad down for a child to use in the same way that you can for with Android tablet.

My entire next post will be devoted to childproofing an Android tablet for a child. I was like to say that I am going to do the iPad equivalent here, but there isn’t one as far as I know. Sure you can put some restrictions on who can do what in applications e.g.

but you cannot create a user shell for your child or multiple shells for each of your children.

I would go so far as to say that a high quality Android device can deliver a better experience than a similarly specced iPad, because it is the experience that you want, not what someone else has guessed at for you.