App Reviews – finding them, trusting them Part 2

Following on from Part 1, I am still looking for trustworthy sites to refer to when trying to decide on whether to install a new app on your Android tablet.

According to the the Lifehacker article referred to in Part 1, their recommendation was Android Police, so I toddled over for a look-see.

Organisation 2/5 Content 3/5
Timeliness 5/5
This site bills itself as Looking after all things Android. It is not a dedicated app review site, as it covers lots of hardware and device topics. It has both Reviews and Apps/Games as top level menu items, but the only the first item in Reviews was an app review. If you go to the Apps/Games page, there is a mixture of both news and reviews. Having scrolled through these entries, I found a few actual reviews to look at and these seemed too short and uninformative for my tastes. Still not good enough for regular use. So I looked a bit further.

Here are two I found myself that I think are better value than AndroidPolice.

Organisation 3.5/5 Content 4/5 Timeliness 4/5
 tab menuOnce again not a dedicated app review site. Selecting Reviews from the top level menu and you are presented with a set of tabs, one of which is central reviewsUnder Apps, you will see a list of entries in chronological order (newest to oldest)Each review features a thumbnail and an excerpt. Clicking on the title or the thumbnail takes you to a fairly lengthy review with numerous screenshots. There are 4 years of reviews available, and the most recent one was only 3 weeks before this article was written.


Organisation 4/5 Content 3/5 Timeliness 5/5
andguys menuAndroid Guys separate out reviews from news and rumours at the top level. Indeed, you can get to app reviews from the front page. Good work guys.
The list of reviews feature large screen grabs – too large in my opinion as this makes skimming more difficult.
The reviews themselves are quite short and not particularly insightful IMHO. They describe the content but give no real critical insight e.g.any problems or incompatibility issues you might come across, whether the app is a battery drainer or requires very intrusive permissions. No observations on the interface. You get the idea.