Apps for kids with disabilities Part 2

In my last post, I introduced Spectronics, the website that I find has come closest to being an excellent resource for locating software and hardware for children with disabilities of all sorts. It is an Australian site as this blog comes out of Australia, but most of its content is universally applicable.

Spectronics seems primarily focused on the Apple ecosystem but has multiple areas of interest as indicated by the screenshot section shown below.

Spectronics screenshot
There is perhaps a particular emphasis on communication abilities, and a number of the staff have a background in speech pathology. Spectronics make an app called AAC Ferret which can be used to identify AAC apps in the iTunes App store. As there are numerous AAC apps available and many are expensive, the Ferret app enables you to search by single or multiple criteria for an app that meets your child’s special needs. The app is aimed primarily at professionals in the field but would also be of interest to parents. The Spectronics website also explains app feature matching e.g. in this article.

The site has many other areas that I would like to explore so expect a few more articles in this series.