Cables and adapters

Sorry this is so late. I had a job for the last two months. Got to pay the bills and buy goodies like iPhones [icon name=”icon-smile”]

Cables connect devices via ports. Depending on the make and model, most tablets ship with a power connector at least, if not with some sort of headphones on a cable.

Ports on your tablet can be used for charging, communicating and extending storage.

There are a number of type of ports found on tablets. The table below below explains the ports hence the cables etc that connect to them.

Type of port Connects to
HDMI for connecting your tablet to a TV screen
MicroUSB Charging – via a USB cable to a computer or to a wall outlet, or to a car charger
Communication with another devices e.g. desktop. laptop, printer
OTG On the go USB port for unpowered USB devices
DC Jack  For those tablets that do not have USB charging
Audio port For headphones, speakers
MicroSD card slot The interface between the card and the tablet is usually recessed into a slot for protection
 Docking port  Some tablets are designed to connect to a dock which offers charging and data exchange facilities

As soon as I have a bit more time, I will add images of port types. And also some info on items such camera lens adaptors and other more exotic instruments that can be hooked up to your tablet.