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If this site just whetted your appetite

If you want to go into detail, textbooks are available can be accessed  for FREE at

Highly recommended:

  • Baumgarten, Joni  Environmental Biology
  • Fisher, Matthew   Environmental Biology

They cover more territory and go into greater detail.

Note: Downloadable versions of the books are in .pdf format, so you will require a .pdf reader ( many available for free e.g. see

Doing your own research

Advice on how to spot disinformation

Before you set off to find out more about what is going on, be aware that there are many people offering false information about the health of the planet and its ecosystems. Make sure you are aware of who they might be, what sort of false arguments they present, and why they would do this.

Skeptical Science - Global Warming & Climate Change Myths

DeSmog Climate Disinformation Database

New climate deniers are making millions on YouTube. But they're lying.



Video sources

As noted above, YouTube is a popular place for climate change deniers to post false and/or misleading information. You should be very wary when using this site.  Use the sites listed above to vet the person/organisation posting the video.

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