Covers and stands

Most people will buy a cover for their tablet either at the time of purchase or soon after.

Following my theme of buying for kids in particular, I will concentrate on the covers that will be most suitable for kids.

Side note on kids holding tablets
If your child is old enough to use a tablet without direct supervision and you can’t be with them at all times, maybe have a set place that they have to sit while they use it. I have observed a number of kids using tablets and conclude that most kids do not drop their tablet during actual use. Putting it down carefully is difficult for some. And a big danger is leaving it somewhere it will be pushed off the couch or get stood on. Little kids (say up to about 6) seem to tire holding a tablet after a while and that when the careless discards happen. I would suggest having a set place for the tablet  and re-enforcing that as soon as they want to put it down, they have to put it there.

In terms of covers for kids, iPads are well covered in the accessories market. There are all sorts of tablet covers you can purchase.For big brand Android tablets, there are covers around but you may have trouble sourcing something fits the tablet and allows easy access to all ports. If you cannot find something for your particular model, you mae have to buy a case just for storing it and leave the tablet naked when in use, with maybe just a screen protector.

One school of thought is to go for colourful silicone based covers in “amusing” shapes. I must admit to not having tried this out myself but I suspect that some of them, at least, add considerably to the dimensions of the tablet and while soft on the hands, may make the tablet somewhat more unwieldy. See some examples at and judge for yourself.

An alternative approach is to buy a close fitting light cover. PU leather seems the current material of choice. I personally have a Yellowstone cover. This type of cover shuts the tablet off when it closes. This is great for kids who are too young to remember to turn it off themselves or older kids in a hurry. And having the screen covered by the top side of the cover cuts down dust and grunge accumulation.

kwezboredSpeaking of grunge, the next post will cover cleaning methods.

Kwez says that she can hardly wait. [icon name=”icon-frown”]