Does size matter?

I recently had hands on a  4″ iPod Touch, a 5th generation device with 32 GB of storage running iOS8.0.3. A beautiful piece of kit, it is designed for one user at a time. An 7″ is usable by two users at a time, but only just. A 10″ tablet is a better proposition for two people looking at a screen at one time.

On the other end of the scale, tablet maker Nabi has produced a 24″ family tablet – see, for example,

Nabi are promoting their tablet as suitable for whole family use, or for kids in small groups. Presumably this is to combat the viewpoint that the use of tablets hinders/prevents children from developing social skills. It could also be considered a scheme to create a niche market.

I personally think that supersized tablets (especially with a battery life of only 30 minutes) are unnecessary and cumbersome. I favour controlled use of small tablet for kids, in with a mix of socialisation sessions – othrwise known as play dates, kinder and school, plus a healthy dose of outdoorsness.

What do you think?