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where do humans belong

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Each post tells the story of one species or group of organisms and explains how their existence provides service/services to humanity.… Read More »Start here

tapir mother and baby


What would you get if you crossed a pig with an elephant? Not literally of course, because that would be… Read More »Tapirs


Well at least this name is easy to spell and not hard to say, but what on earth is it?… Read More »Salps

baobab trees lining road

Baobab trees

Baobab trees are associated with many colourful stories. In African folklore, the tree is sometimes called the upside-down tree because… Read More »Baobab trees

Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Why stick yeast with such an outrageously unpronounceable name as Saccharomyces cerevisiae? What is it with biologists that they have… Read More »Yeast

underwater meadow of seagrass


The term sea lilies is usually associated with echinoderm animals (or not depending on your interests). This is rather strange… Read More »Seagrass

mangrove forest from the inside


In many parts of the world, mangroves have long been frowned upon as dirty, mosquito-infested tangles of roots that stand… Read More »Mangroves

Australian water rat


If you looked at the picture and thought that looks like a rat, you may be interested to know that… Read More »Rakali

bamboo grove


Bamboo is in the same league as giant kelp when it comes to growing fast, but considering that, as a… Read More »Bamboo