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Notes for educators

Last Updated on July 21, 2023

To educators who may like to use my question pages, here are some notes which will give you a bit of  background to why and how I made the question activities.

General info

The questions are samples only and not meant to represent every piece of information contained in the case studies. The questions have been written to inspire engagement with the content presented in the case studies.

All activities are free to use, not copyright. Acknowledgement appreciated but not necessary


I have adopted a pattern of using 5 activities for each case study. There are two different formats for the questions, and the 5 questions are 3 of format A and 2 of format B.

Format A.
Online activities including multiple choice, fill in the blanks, image sequencing, crossword etc.
These are self-marking and are currently set up to allow retries.

These activities were made using software known as H5P. If you have a working installation of Moodle, WordPress or any other online platform that supports .h5p files, feel free to download the file for each question and install it on your server space. Assistance can be found on their website. Once up and running, you may alter any content or parameters as you see fit.

Format B.
Discussion/research activities

These may be used to stimulate class discussion and/or to develop research skills.
Feel free to cut and paste into whatever format suits your circumstances.


I hope this is helpful to all educators. I wish you well with your endeavors.

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