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How the Earth System Worksn.d.University of California Museum of Paleontology NEW 11/2023
Scientists Discover New Ecosystem Underneath Hydrothermal Vents2023Schmidt Ocean Institute 03/2023
Deep-sea mining rules delayed two more years; mining start remains unclear2023Mongabay03/2023
2020 IPBES Global Report Part 2.32020IPBES03/2023
What are Invasive Alien Species?2010Convention on Biodiversity03/2023
Saving the ocean’s vital ecosystems20??UNEP05/2023
The insect apocalypse2021The Guardian09/2021
'It's connected to you'2021Tired Earth09/2021
Ecosystems and Human Well-being2005World Resources Institute09/2021
Opinion: Soil carbon sequestration is an elusive climate mitigation tool2018PNAS10/2021
Opinion: We need biosphere stewardship that protects carbon sinks and builds resilience2021PNAS10/2021
The global assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services2020IPBES10/2021
Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services2019University of Maryland10/2021
Protecting and sustainably using the world's plants and fungi2021Plants, People, Planet (New Phytologist Foundation)10/2021
New research quantifies ecosystem services provided by Amazon rainforest2018Mongabay10/2021
How biodiversity loss is jeopardising the drugs of the future2021The Guardian10/2021
Plants make our existence possible2020Plants, People, Planet (New Phytologist Foundation)11/2021
The unlikely protector against Bangladesh's rising seas2021BBC11/2021
Climate Change ...we get it2021ABC11/2021
UNESCO ‘eDNA’ initiative to ‘unlock' knowledge for biodiversity protection2021United Nations11/2021
Bison, beavers and bog moss2021The Guardian01/2022
Seascape: the state of our oceans Note: articles on three consecutive days2021The Guardian11/2021
Coastal Wetlands Save $1.8 Million per Year for Each Square Kilometer 2020EOS02/2022
Nature's Services: Societal Dependence On Natural Ecosystems (book)1997Island Press02/2022
Wealth of Nautre : Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity, and Human Well-Being (book)2011iLCP02/2022
Blue Forest Basics2021Norwegian Blue Forests Network02/2022
Shedding Light on Deep-Sea Biodiversity—A Highly Vulnerable Habitat in the Face of Anthropogenic Change2021Frontiers02/2022
Biodiversity: how our health and happiness depend on a thriving planet2021The Conversation02/2022
Changing Ocean, Marine Ecosystems, and Dependent Communities2019IPCC02/2022
Barely 15% of the world’s coastal regions remain ecologically intact, study says2022The Guardian02/2022
Biodiversity and Health2015World Health Organization02/2022
5 reasons why biodiversity matters – to human health, the economy and your wellbeing2020World Economic Forum02/2022
Global Wetland Outlook2022Secretariat of The Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar)03/2022
The five biggest threats to our natural world … and how we can stop them2021The Guardian03/2022
Peatlands Journey2022UNEP03/2022
Climate change: a threat to human wellbeing and health of the planet. Taking action now can secure our future2022IPCC03/2022
Apocalypse papers2022Inside Climate News05/2022
Satellite images reveal global losses of tidal wetlands over past two decades2022Carbon Brief05/2022
Plants hold key to developing future cancer treatments2022The Guardian05/2022
‘Existential threat to our survival’: see the 19 Australian ecosystems already collapsing2022The Conversation05/2022
We must end our command-and-control relationship with the environment if we are to arrest its destruction2022The Guardian05/2022
Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services2022?IPBES08/2022
Natural Climate Solutions World Atlas2022?Nature4Climate08/2022
Mangrove Regeneration in Sri Lankan.d.UN Restoration Decade 2021- 203002/2024
Biodiversity Topicsn.d.IUCN03/2024
Unlocking the secrets of mangroves2023FAO03/2024

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