Headphones and speakers

Tablets, music and movies go together like peaches and cream and icecream [icon name=”icon-smile”]. Unfortunately, it is hard to find room in a tablet for decent speakers. And in cheaper tablets, theĀ  speakers often regarded as very much an afterthought.

So headphones and speakers are necessary.[icon name=”icon-headphones”]

A word of caution. Little kids should not use earbud type headphones.

320px-Headphones-Sennheiser-HD555[icon name=”icon-check-sign”]

This is the type of headphone that is more suitable for kids. They should have soft padding and should not be used for extended periods of time.



320px-Earphones_BW_2011-12-10_15-49-08[icon name=”icon-remove”]

Little kids should not be given in-ear type headphones to stick in their ears. In fact, they should not be encouraged to stick any thing into their tiny little earholes.


[icon name=”icon-volume-up”]

Using headphones at a sufficiently high volume level may cause temporary or permanent hearing impairment or deafness. Sound volume restrictions should be enforced on tablets that are regularly used by little kids. This can be achieved on both iPads and Android tablets, either from the system settings e.g. the Restrictions panel in an iPad’s iOS or using a dedicated application e.g. Kiddoware on an Android tablet.

I have no special knowledge of brands. I have been happy with Sennheiser and Koss brands but that is based on my experiences of a sample size of 2, so not really a basis for advice. Buy what

  • fits your device and the user’s ears
  • falls within your budget
  • has good reviews

Kwez portrait - neutralKez says she doen’t like headphones except for chewing on them when she was a pup. She does like a good speaker though. There is an increasing range of speakers suitable for use with tablets, with wireless and bluetooth connectivity becoming popular.

So get out there and play some classics like “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed” or some Nirvana if you are a wee bit older. [icon name=”icon-smile”]