Parental controls on iOS and Android devices

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I have been thinking about this issue but two different prompts lead me to bring it up now – parents unhappy that their kids have managed to use their tablets/smartphones to

  • see stuff their parents would rather that they did not – e.g. ads for apps that kids will want to buy irrespective of their merit
  • rack up big credit card bills through in app purchases

This problem occurs on both iOS and Android devices.

apple logoiOS has parental controls built into this OS. You can password protect some settings that will prevent in app purchases, restrict net surfing and various other things can be blocked if you need to keep your munchkins out of them. DO NOT lose the password as you will need to do a factory reset to lift restrictions.

If you want it straight from the horses mouth, you can see the Apple explanation here.

If you want to see a few other (in my opinion better) explanations, I would suggest this Mashable article  or this article from How to Geek.

iOS still doesn’t provide multiple user accounts, so the methods described above are not optimal solutions. Android as usual has ways to really put a different and child-friendly face on the device if it used by kids of various ages or shared with adults.

In my next post I will review an app called Kid’s Place that I think is an ideal  technical solution, and in a further post, I will discuss other factors that parents might want to consider before turning their rugrats loose on mobile technology.