Keyboards, docks and chargers

Tablets are touch screen devices. That is a large part of the attractions for most kids. They can use the same tool they use for everything else they manipulate in their young lives – their fingers. If text must be entered, there is the onscreen keyboard for those who have mastered the alphabet. But sometimes ……nothing will cut it except a real keyboard.

This is where you have to know your specs. Many of the cheaper Android tablets omit Bluetooth connectivity to keep build costs low, so that rules out many of the tablet keyboards available. For such tablets, there are mini USB cable connected tablets. The mini USB port is often used for charging the port and some combinations of kit incorporate a keyboard in a case which acts as a charging dock as well. Using this combination, you end up with what is basically a mini laptop. Cheaper but probably nowhere near as ergonomic or robust.

kwezneutralsmallKwez has reminded me about a question that was asked the other day by a friend who was inheriting one of my old tablets. What is the functional difference between a tablet and a laptop?

My answer was that tablets are good for consuming information but not really for producing it yet. What do you think?