More recommendations for app review sites Part 2

kwezneutralsmallKwez is reminding me I should add more to this series, so here it is. Number 2 in the series of app review sites.

2. Title: Complete guide to educational and special needs apps



First impression: Somewhat old fashioned design. Long scrolling list of links.

Brief description: US based. Largely the work of one person who is herself a mother of special needs kids. Aggregates other resources as well as app listings.

Qualifications of contributors: This is an aggregator site so it has multiple authors and does featured (paid for) enhanced listings subject to moderator approval. The site does provide articles on how to choose apps.

Scope:  Resources are listed by skills set being improved and a faceted search facility is provided. It is difficult to gauge the overall size of the app section of the library. Both Android and iOS platforms are covered.

Currency of information: Site is copyright 2014 but no dates on individual reviews.

categories presentedCategories: The screenshot above give an idea of the categories presented as the major divisions in the resources. As the categories are listed in an iframe with a scrollbar, it is hard to see all categories at once. The categorisation is based on a needs perspective than a technical classification.


Review format: The listing are not reviews as such. The are informational but do not necessarily present an opinion of the resource.

typical listing


This site is geared towards the needs of a parent trying to collect information about how to help their child. It does contain extensive lists of apps but the lack of critical review means it is a starting point only and not a site for winnowing out the wheat from the chaff. I would like to have seen the editorial policy for accepting/rejecting listings made explicit.