More recommendations for app review sites Part 3

Finally back in the saddle with a new review

3. Title: Smart Apps for Special Kids



First impression: Blog format on front page, design quite old fashioned.

Brief description: US based. Part of the Smart Apps for Kids family of site. (Other are SmartApps for Kids and SmartApps for Android). The site offers  developers the opportunity to have their review fastracked with or without video for a fee. The site claims that

Any payment received for a priority review will not in any way effect the rating of the app.

Qualifications of contributors: There is a panel of staff members who have various qualifications and experience in educating/parenting children with special needs.

Scope:  Resources are listed by skills set being improved and by ratings. It is also possible to retrieve all free apps with one click. It is difficult to gauge the overall size of the app section of the library. iOS platform covered. It uses FaceBook for furthering discussion.

Currency of information: Site is up to date as of January 2015.

Categories: Top level categories are

  • Top pages
  • Speech/Language
  • Education
  • On a personal note
  • Resources

Each of these categories leads to a list of sub-categories.

Review format: No set format. Reviews are mostly short and non-technical in nature. All reviews have attribution and are dated.

Summary: This site, as one of a set, is a popular destination for parents looking for information. I would like to see a bit more detail in the individual reviews.