More recommendations for app review sites Part 1

The last few posts I have been singing the praises of Spectronics as a source of information and reviews for apps catering to children as special needs. I think Spectronics is a great site with experienced contributors and detailed useful information. Its Australian bias is a bonus for me.

But there are other sites out there with slightly different perspectives. Here are some I think are interesting.

1. Title: Special Needs Apps



First impression: Pleasant modern looking interface.

Brief description: Part of a wider organisation called Friendship Circle of Michigan, which is a non profit organization with a mission to provide every child with special needs the support friendship and inclusion that they deserve.

Qualifications of contributors: Reviews are contributed by individuals who are not necessarily identified.

Scope: 350 apps reviewed ( as at November, 2014) 300 iOS / 50 Android

Currency of information: Site is copyright 2014 but no dates on individual reviews.



Review format:

Typical summary


Quick summary, large icon, rating, pricing and purchase link.

Followed by a more detailed review organised under tabs as show below. The Video tab may or may not be present.

No particular format consistently applied to the description text. Comments through Disqus.


I would like to know more about the contributors themselves before committing to this site. I am also a bit concerned about the lack of consistency in the information available. Finally, I would like to know how an app becomes promoted on this site.