Screen protectors and styluses

Many people swear by screen protectors; they put them on their tablets before they do anything else. And others, like me, look at them with reluctance and trepidation…

Trepidation because how do you get those things on without bubbles getting trapped underneath them. Reluctance because I think they change the feel of the tablet. Touching a tablet is, well, tactile by definition.Perhaps I have only experienced crappy screen protectors; perhaps I am just palin bad at touch screen use, but I feel like I need all the help I can get. So I don’t need this barrier to the full experience.

I try to ensure I have clean hands when using my tablet, but I know kids in particular, often have grubby little fingers. Once again, if possible have a routine for children when they use the tablet. They should wash their hands first of possible. If that doesn’t happen, the screen can always be cleaned using any lint free cloth you have available ( something not staticky and certainly not tissues or paper towels!) and some distilled water in a spray bottle. TURN the tablet OFF first and NEVER SPRAY WATER DIRECTLY ONTO YOUR TABLET.¬† Gently blow across the screen to remove any grit that may otherwise be ground in by the cleaning. Spray onto the cloth and then wipe the cloth gently across the screen. If water doesn’t do it, then try a cleaning solution. This can be a commercially purchased one or something home made. Some people swear by a 50/50 mix of distilled water and vinegar, other people replace the vinegar with isopropyl alcohol. Never use anything like Windex.

Kwez happyYou can buy rubber tipped styluses (stylii?) very cheaply online, and this may be a good solution for you or your child. Kwez likes them because they help her to overcome her lack of opposable¬† thumbs. Given the low prices and the likelihood of them rolling under the couch, probably best to buy a few [icon name=”icon-smile”]