Headphones and speakers

Tablets, music and movies go together like peaches and cream and icecream [icon name=”icon-smile”]. Unfortunately, it is hard to find room in a tablet for decent speakers. And in cheaper tablets, the  speakers often regarded as very much an afterthought.

Covers and stands

Most people will buy a cover for their tablet either at the time of purchase or soon after. Following my theme of buying for kids in particular, I will concentrate on the covers that will be most suitable for kids. Side note on kids holding tablets If your child is old enough to use a …

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Accessorising your tablet

You can and should accessorise your tablet. No says Kwez, not jewelry, scarves and matching shoes. Having talked about specs of the tablets themselves, it is correct to assume that features of the tablet will direct what can be hooked up to the tablet.  Also we need to think about covers and screen protectors.