Where is the tablet industry going?

A new article popped up in my email about specs on the latest crop of smartphones. It is titled Buying A New Smartphone? How To Understand The Hardware Specs. Looking around at my tablets and my friends’ devices and all the device chitchat I come across on the web, the line between smartphone and tablet is blurring.

Yes, I know about the term phablet (I have a first generation Samsung Note after all) and when I first got it everyone said “Wow, what a big phone.  Smallish phones with 3G capabilities are pretty much the same as large phones nowadays. For example the title of a recent article at What Mobile is New 7-inch Samsung device leaks… but is it a phone or a tablet? And does anybody care?
Then there is the emergence of the large tablet e.g. the Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 or the Toshiba Excite13. A recent article on Laptop (part of Tom’s Guide family of sites) is a discussion of the merits of large tablets – 5 Reasons Large-Screen Tablets Are the Next Big Thing.

So at one end, the tablet market is merging with phones and at the other end they are morphing into laptops.

I am not sure where it is all going in terms of the tablets that people will have in their hands a few years from now.