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Yew tree with fruit
This web site has been created to inform people about plants that are poisonous and/or irritant and/or allergenic plus the risks of indiscriminate foraging. It is particularly aimed at parents of young children and also pet owners, as children and pets are mostly like to ingest plants without discrimination. The author is located in rural Victoria, Australia so the selection of species is very much guided by location. However, as many potentially foraged plants have wide distributions due to human intervention, you may find useful information even if you live elsewhere.


Different plants can have different effects on different people according to a myriad of factors. The best advice overall is “If you are not sure it is edible, don’t eat it. If you are not sure it is safe to touch, don’t touch it”.


reaction to Rhus exposure

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World’s deadliest mushroom outnumbering edible varieties in Victoria